Find out why so many people in Bacchus Marsh and Surrounding areas turn to Phoenix Training Centre for their Martial Arts training! 

We offer beginner-to-advanced Martial Arts Classes for men, women, and children within a world class training facility. No experience necessary! Get started with our exclusive online offer.

We are the experts in Jiu Jitsu and Self Defence.


Great group of people! Made me feel welcome from day one, I've been twice and already can feel myself improving. Great value for money and as some way to get active without it feeling like exercise!. Very clean and professional. Highly recommend! Come have a roll!

- Luke Andrew

The services Phoenix has to offer for both adults and children are second to none! They cater for all fitness levels and the trainers are professional, very skilled, focused and determined to help you achieve your goals. Highly recommended!

- Suz Maga


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brazilian jiu jitsu


Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) is a Martial Art, Combat Sport and Self Defence System based on grappling and especially ground fighting with a strong focus on positional control and submissions.

You will learn how to gain and maintain control over a resisting opponent, while exposing opportunities to perform chokes and/ or joint locks.

BJJ is FUN, EFFECTIVE and can really change your life.

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phoenix combatives

Phoenix Combatives

The ESSENTIAL Class for Self Defence

You will learn Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) for the streets. Boxing and Kickboxing for striking skills, Brazilian Jiu and Wrestling for ground defence, Knife and Weapon Defence skills from Kali/ Escrima.

Proven and tested fighting skills taught with the tactics and strategies that you need to win on the mat, on the street and in life.

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kids jiu jitsu

Kids Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Our Phoenix Kids Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Program will help your child to develop Confidence and Resilience that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

Our Kids BJJ classes are the perfect blend of Self Defence, Character Development and Sport, all without having to punch or kick anyone.

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Phoenix Kids Combatives

Phoenix Kids Combatives

Our Phoenix Kids Combatives Program will provide your child with the tools they need to protect themselves.

Those tools come from a variety of martial arts including BJJ, Kick Boxing, and Krav Maga.

More importantly, the training will equip your child with incredible life skills such as Confidence, Focus, Discipline, Respect, and more.

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little ninjas

Kids Martial Arts

The perfect blend of building gross motor skills and having TONS of fun. Our little Ninjas program is tailored specifically for the 3 to 5 year old and gives your little one the tools they need to prepare for school and life.
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womens jiu jitsu

Womens Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Women. Do you want to be empowered? If you want to have fun, get fit and learn how to defend yourself, then this class is for you.

The best of the world’s most proven and effective Martial Art (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu) taught by a female champion fighter, in a fun, safe and supportive environment. Chokes, Arm Bars and Laughs are the mainstays of the classes.

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phoenix hit

High Intensity Training

30 min - High energy martial arts-inspired workout.

Train like a fighter - Punch, Knee, Elbow and Kick your way to fitness and lean body mass. Workouts also include a strength training element making use of Kettlebells and Bodyweight training.

Safe - Non-Contact - Calorie Burning

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phoenix kali

Phoenix Kali Combatives

Phoenix Kali Combatives classes are a modern synthesis of several traditional Filipino Martial Arts and modern Floro Fighting Systems concepts and techniques. The aim of the class is to give you fighting skills with a variety of weapons. Oh and have some FUN!

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“Why Train With Us”

At Phoenix Training Centre we believe that it is our mission to change people's lives through Martial Arts

Our programs are life changing, and will equip you with not only the skills to defend yourself, but the confidence to be successful in all other areas of your life.

By training with us you will get fitter, stronger and move much better than you ever thought possible, but more importantly you will build character, perseverance, patience, and respect (for yourself and others). These are all important tools to achieve, develop and succeed in everyday life.

Whether you're looking for self defence, fitness, community or just want to try something different and change your life, Phoenix Training Centre is the place for you.

Phoenix Training Centre - ‘Be Reborn in Fire’
phoenix training

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be fit for this?

There are zero fitness requirements to be able to start our classes. One of the benefits is that you WILL get fitter, faster and more athletic.

Our students start at all different fitness levels, and much of what we teach relies on technique and timing rather than strength, speed, or athleticism, however, one of the benefits is that you WILL get fitter, faster and far more athletic.

What do I need to bring to my first martial arts lesson?

For your first class (trial) we recommend comfortable sporting attire, preferably with no zips or pockets for safety. Ideally a rashguard and shorts.

When you have decided you want to join, we have a shop on the premises for you to purchase the training attire you will need.

Be sure to bring a water bottle to your martial arts classes, as you will be working up a sweat!

I'm not very sporty or coordinated, will that be a problem?

Not at all. In fact, many students starting in our adult martial arts classes felt the exact same way. There is absolutely no experience necessary for any of our beginner classes, and there is no sparring amongst beginners, so you're going to be safe and have a great time!

Give yourself some time, and you will be astounded at what your body is capable of, and how much you can improve! Our certified Martial Arts instructors are trained to keep their teaching simple, effective, and beginner-focused. So even the most uncoordinated person will develop 'ninja-like' skills! Come see for yourself!

Will my child become a bully?

Through our years of coaching, we have seen that confident kids make for more compassionate kids. We teach children how to not only stand up to bullies for themselves, but how to stand up for others.

We teach all of our children about Rules of Engagement. This provides Red and Green Lights for when they can respond physically and when they just need to use their words and other strategies.

When they do need to resort to physical Self-Defence, we do not just teach children to punch and kick as many martial arts do. We empower our kids with grappling skills from Wrestling and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, along with striking skills from Boxing and Kickboxing.  This gives our kids the ability and confidence to neutralise, defend, control, and negotiate if possible.

Given that most fights end up on the ground in Wrestling Matches (Particularly kids school assaults), we believe this better prepares your children for the reality of violence, whilst giving them the option of how they respond.

Do you offer an option for competition?

We certainly do. We have a small but very successful Brazilian jiu Jitsu Competition Team.

We offer the best and most successful Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Coaching team in the area. We have trained numerous people to become Victorian and Australian National Champions. If you or your child wants to compete, speak to one of the coaches and we will start you (or your child) on the path to competition success.

Do you have private lessons?

Yes, private lessons are available by appointment.

Private lessons are great for those who want to gain experience before joining into regular classes, or for anyone who has special needs or is unable to attend the scheduled class times

This gym is wonderful! The atmosphere is so welcoming and friendly, a real sense of community and involvement, and most of all FUN! Everyone I've met and trained with has been incredibly friendly and helpful. Highly recommend coming down and giving it a go.

- Sam Sherrington

Three of my boys train here (14, 12, & 8) and the 6 year old is now begging me to do it too! The coaches are fantastic, great with the kids. The training is both useful and enjoyable and the boys love it. I thoroughly recommend to any parent wanting to grow resilient, confident kids.

- Aaron Harnden

Phoenix training centre has been the highlight of my year, it has giving a me a whole new way of looking at life and fitness. Great staff great people couldn't be happier.

- Grant John

Awesome team culture and fantastic coaches in a beautiful facility. What more could you ask for?

- Mitchel Janetzki

Training with Phoenix is one of the greatest things I’ve done. I’ve made incredible friendships, learned to defend myself through Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and the coaches are phenomenal. Everyone is so welcoming and friendly that they feel more like family than just a team. If you join up, you won’t regret it!

- Benji Johnson

Phoenix offers an learning environment like no other "gym" or "training centre" I've attended before... it's professionalism with a friendly feel, I look forward to each and every session at Phoenix thanks to Amanda and Wayne!!!

- Roberta Kalwig
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